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Growth Scan


Growth Scan

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Growth scans is to help identify babies that are having problem to growth properly in the womb and need to be born early to keep them safe.

Sonographer will check your baby's size by measuring:
  • The circumference of your baby's head (HC), and Biparietal diameter (BPD)
  • The circumference of your baby's tummy (AC).
  • The length of your baby's thigh bone (femur) (FL).

If the measurements are all within normal limits, your baby is most likely to be normal.

Doctor or sonographer may advise you to have second scan two weeks later because babies tent to grow in spurts. Doctor may even recommend several scans to track your baby’s growth over a period of time. Extra scans carry more benefit than risk, thus, it is important to monitor baby growth. Doctor will also check amniotic fluid index surrounding your baby and may even do doppler scan to check how is the blood supply to your baby.  

Tracking growth of baby is the most basic and able to identify problem early before it get too complicated to fix.

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