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Breast Lump & Discharge


Breast Lump & Discharge

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Breast Lump , Skin Changes, Nipple Discharge and Common FAQ Answered
“Oh dear, I think there is a lump in my breast! What should I do? “

The first thing that would cross most people’s mind is “Do I have breast cancer? “

Thanks to the awareness campaigns, most people are aware of the existence of breast cancer. However, most still do not know how to perform a self-breast examination and what to look for during the self-check. Most have heard about lumps, but there are also breast size and shape, skin changes and nipple discharge to look out for. Here are some pictorial guides on when and how to perform a self-breast examination and also what to look for.

Breast Self Examination
Signs of Breast Ca
Alright, step 1 done.

“What do I do next now that I found a lump or changes in my breast? “

Consult a doctor for proper history and physical examination to assess the changes. Imaging such as ultrasound or mammogram may be recommended as the next step to investigate the breast lump. Ultrasound is usually recommended as a first line as it is more easily accessible, quick and painless to perform. It is also more suitable for young women or those with dense breast. Mammogram is recommended for older women as the breast is less dense.

“Are all breast lumps a sure sign of breast cancer?”

No, there are harmless lumps and breast changes that may be breast cysts ( water filled sacs) , fibroadenoma ( harmless breast tumor), infections, blocked milk ducts and even fat tissue injury.

“Lucky guys, they don’t get breast cancer”

Not only ladies get breast cancer, guys do to! 1% of breast cancer diagnosed are males. Guys have breast tissue as well! Therefore guys, pay attention to your breast too, prevention is better than cure!

“I have family history of breast cancer. Am I at risk?”

Angelina Jolie , whose mother died of breast cancer opted for a double mastectomy after finding out she carries the breast cancer gene called BRCA 1 gene mutation that puts her at high risk of breast cancer. You can find out your risk as well if you have family history of breast cancer as well.

Here in Medihope Clinic, we have lady doctors to perform a breast examination and educate you on self-breast examination. Breast ultrasound is also available not only to detect and investigate lumps  but also to monitor lumps diagnosed earlier as a form of surveillance. It is also available as part of the health screening package. BRCA gene test is also available.

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