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Full Body Ultrasound Scan


Full Body Ultrasound Scan


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Ultrasound scan is the safest, cheapest and fastest imaging available to us. It does not contain radiation and it can be done immediately with minimal preparation. It is a very important part of complete health screening.

Ultrasound uses sound wave to see our organs in 2D images, it can penetrate through out soft organs and enable us to see what is inside the organs. What we are looking for usually is abnormal growth , with special attention to differentiate harmlmess growth such as tumour from cancer, any ballooning of the vessels, flow of blood in the vessels, progress of treatment and progress of disease. Some tumours do not produce tumour market thus blood check may miss it totally especially at early stages. Regular ultrasound check is definitely recommended to everyone who concern about their health and the happiness of their own family.

3D 4D 5D scan can be use on selected scan only as its diagnostic value is limited to certain condition.

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