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Health Screening


Health Screening

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When was your last health check up and how did it go?

Health screening is a major part of keeping yourself healthy by detecting silent illnesses that may not have show any signs unless checked.

Many apparently normal healthy individuals found out they have some form of diseases through health screening, and health screening do not only consist of medical examination, blood and urine check but also ultrasound scan.

Common globally rising illness such as hypertension can be detected by a simple blood pressure monitoring machine. Diabetes mellitus (high blood sugar), dyslipidemia (high blood cholesterol), thyroid, liver and kidney functional illnesses can be detected with a simple blood and urine test. Certain infectious disease and immunity status such as Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B can also be checked and be given vaccination if found to be low or nonexistent.

Ultrasound scan is recommended to screen for possible growths or changes in some organs. As these growth are structural in nature, it may not be detected by blood test if the function is not affected hence ultrasound is another way to complete the health screening. For an example a breast lump may be detected during examination and the nature of the lump can be known by ultrasound breast. Another example is a kidney cyst or prostatic enlargement that may not be harmful, but at least made known after scan and to be monitored and followed up.

Ideally health screening should be done at least every six months to one year depending on a few factors, such as your current health condition, latest medication, monitoring progress of a disease or even hereditary diseases.

At Medihope clinic, we have full range of health screening packages including blood and urine test for both male and female, optional cancer markers and full body ultrasound to complete the health screening.

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